⚽️Soccer Kitty x 🏆EURO Cup [Instruction]

CryptoTycoon #BSC
2 min readJun 16, 2021

First of all, we thank you everyone for staying with us, Soccer Kitty is finally LIVE on CryptoTycoon.

Here’s an instruction of “HOW TO PLAY”

1️⃣Click “PLAY” or this link: http://soccer.cryptotycoon.finance/#

2️⃣Connect your wallet to this site (You will be able to see your balance on this page, if not, refresh the page)

3️⃣Enter the amount you want to bet, then click “BET”, confirm the transaction.

4️⃣You will be able to see your current BET

📌Soccer Kitty is a live broadcast game that takes the Euro Cup as the live event based on Binance Smart Chain. Before the designated game starts, players can bet BNB to support their favorite team. After the supported team wins, the betting amount from the winning side will be sent to the supporters of the winning side.

📌For example, the supporters of the Turkish team bet a total of 100 BNB, and the supporters of the Italian team put a total of 900 BNB, then the two teams will account for 1:9 in the pool. When the Turkish team finally wins the game , supporters of the Turkish team will get 1000 BNB.

⚠️Helpful Tips:

❕Betting will be disabled 10 mins before the start of the game.

❕There’s a 5% rake for each session.

❕50% of the in-game revenue will be used to buy back $CTT tokens from the secondary market.