Audit completed and official website is online, CryptoTycoon is moving to the next stop

Welcome builders! We are very happy to have you on broad.

In the past week, we have successively completed audit report and launched official website, and early stage institutional fundraising. We are very pleased that the smart contract has successfully passed by “Chainsguard”. We have also launched the official website “” recently.

In the meanwhile, we have with 14 institutions for the seed round investment and confirmed the transfer of 3% of the shares to participating institutions. All of these shares will be unlocked in June 2022, and the results of the seed round will be announced soon.

At the same time, I am very grateful to some communities and institutional partners for their great support. They provided a lot of suggestions on the token economy, secondary effects, and burning deflation model in the process. Therefore, CryptoTycoon optimized a lot of details of releasing shares, to ensure that the monthly release scale of CTT is limited to less than 3% (total amount is 1 million).

Most of the institutions participating in CryptoTycoon in the seed round are participants with extensive community and market building resources. We will focus on global market operations and user experience. Be the one who accompany players for a long time and contribute to the market in the coming years.

According to the whitepaper, since 5% of CTT is forcibly burned during BSC network transactions. Therefore, at least 5% of the total amount of CTT we distribute to institutions and community participants will be forcibly burned. (If the holders continue to transfer, an additional 5% of the total transferred CTT will be burnt).

Therefore, this will be our long-term concern in terms of CTT release. Its importance is the same as the DeFi light game we built, which belongs to the lifeblood of the project.

In the coming May, we will continue to conduct in-game beta, platform cooperation and the launch of a new official website. The results of participation in the seed round will also be announced in the next few days. Thank you very much for your support and trust.

About CryptoTycoon

CryptoTycoon is a Defi light game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). All the founding members of CryptoTycoon have the origin of Tencent Interactive Entertainment (IEG).

To participate in-game mining, players can spend BNB, BUSD, USDT and other BSC tokens in the game to get a chance to roll the dice and build different types of buildings on different grids. In order to ensure the game has a good deflation and dividend model, once a house or shop is constructed and cannot pay taxes on time, it will be removed.





The #1 Monopoly game and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Website: TG:

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