CryptoTycoon — A warm reminder to all valued investors

To all considered insititutional, community and individual investors.

Thank you so much for your supports on CryptoTycoon, our team members are very grateful to your contributitions.

❗️Here’s a warm reminder about transcation fee on CTT token.

In order to ensure the game has a good deflation model. There will be a 5% transcation fee during on chain transfers, which causing 5% of the transfer amount will be burned permanently.

Therefore, all investments from institutional, community and individual investors will receive 95% purchased tokens. Since everyone is getting 5% less, then the total value of your investment WILL NOT be less or change!

✅Here’s an example: if you invest a total amount of 1000 CTT as early investors, you will get a total of 950 CTT at full unlock. Then the schedule of vesting will be 95 CTT at first month (10% unlock), then linear average unlock for the next 11 months with ≈77.73 CTT per month.

Please refer to our whitepaper for more details:

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