CryptoTycoon❌CoPuppy achieved cooperation with sponsoring the exposure of basketball jersey NFT

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With the arrival of August, CryptoTycoon is actively cooperating with other valuable projects on BSC. On August 6th, CryptoTycoon❌CoPuppy officially announced that they will support each other for both of their products and communities after this cooperation.

CoPuppy is currently a popular NFT star on Binance smart chain which mainly integrates abundant gameways such as NFT farming, mystery box, cross-chain and so on. Their ambition is to energize the NFT games to obtain a wide range of financial attributes.

This cooperation between two projects includes the sponsorship made by CryptoTycoon to the CoPuppy’s basketball jersey NFTs. Players will have the opportunity to get basketball jersey NFTs with CTT cat style. Additionally, Tiktok, BinanceNFT and other brands also supported stadiums and teams just like the Olympics and the Eurocup2020.

These NFTs might be sent to the players through airdrops or game tests. Please look forward to the official announcement from both communities. Thank you for your attention.

About CryptoTycoon 🐱

CryptoTycoon is a light DeFi gaming platform based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), in addition, CryptoTycoon is also a member of Binance MVB II program. Players can spend BNB, BUSD and other BSC-based tokens to participate in game yield farming and NFT collection.

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The #1 Monopoly game and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Website: TG:

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CryptoTycoon #BSC

CryptoTycoon #BSC

The #1 Monopoly game and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Website: TG:

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