CryptoTycoon has completed First round of NFT launch, 50% of the revenue will be used to buy back $CTT and burn

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2 min readAug 3, 2021

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On August 2nd, the NFT game of CryptoTycoon, Fishswap officially completed the NFT presale on the Treasureland platform with its game props: the SSR legendary fishing rods and SR precious rods. The total revenue is 97.15 $BNB (approximately 31,921 BUSD).

Due to the previous commitments, the total earning of 97.15 $BNB has been sent to the new address which starts with 0x91. Among the 50% of earning will be executed in batches of BNB-CTT repurchase and burn within 30 days. The other 50% of $BNB will be used for developing and marketing promotion of Fishswap.

Since this first round of NFT presale, the participants will take discounts of all game props selling in the future. The price of future presale rounds will not be set as low as this round of presale. Thanks for your support!

About CryptoTycoon 🐱

CryptoTycoon is a light DeFi gaming platform based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), in addition, CryptoTycoon is also a member of Binance MVB II program. Players can spend BNB, BUSD and other BSC-based tokens to participate in game yield farming and NFT collection.