CryptoTycoon has reached NFT cooperation with Treasureland

We are honored to announce that CryptoTycoon and Treasureland have reached an NFT cooperation. CryptoTycoon is a DeFi light gaming platform based on the Binance smart chain. The fishing rod NFT of FishSwap in CryptoTycoon will be auctioned, sold and exchanged through Treasureland.

FishSwap is a BSC fishing game developed by CryptoTycoon. This game combines DeFi, NFT and Mystery box gameplay. Players can open Mystery boxes in the game to obtain NFT fishing rod cards with different attributes. When a player uses the fishing rod for catching fish from the fish pond, the player can put the fish in his own fish pond to participate in CTT mining.

According to the previous setting of CryptoTycoon, 50% of all platform revenues will be used to repurchase the CTT tokens issued by it from the secondary market. Therefore, part of the BNB revenue obtained from the fishing rod NFT auction will also be used for CTT repo. This will be done by the market makers through intervening in the buyer’s market on CEX and DEX exchanges to complete the CTT repurchase work in batches.

CryptoTycoon plans to list 20 SR fishing rod cards and 5 SSR fishing rod cards on Treasureland. The starting price is 1 BNB and there is no hard cap. The details of the event will be explained by an announcement on the Treasureland platform. This will also be the only round of the recent CryptoTycoon sale of FishSwap fishing rod cards.

About CryptoTycoon

CryptoTycoon is a DeFi light gaming platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform provides players with low-threshold Binance Smart Chain products by gamifying the mature DeFi mechanism on the market. Currently CryptoTycoon is developing Monopoly Tycoon, FishSwap, NFTSwap, Three light games and functional products.

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About Treasureland

Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT aggregation protocol that supports NFT creation, issuance, auction, and social networking. It aims to connect NFT creators, users, and consumers in a decentralized manner, and build eBay in the blockchain world.

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