CryptoTycoon launches 2️⃣ SR rating NFTs with NFTb

CryptoTycoon NFT details:

  1. Monopoly Tycoon: A monopoly game built on CryptoTycoon which went live in early September and attracted thousands of light game lovers to play. In addition to the NFT gameplay, it will go live before 2022. On the game board, players can build houses, shops, banks, and governments as $CTT mining source. Each building has their unique mining output and taxes.The tax system in the game requires players to pay the tax. If the tax is overdue, the building could be demolished. The taxes are collected in the tax pool, which will be used to distribute BNB and BUSD rewards to all active $CTT holders.
  2. Fishswap: Mining based game which will go live before Q2–2022. Every player has a fish pond for $CTT mining. Besides, players can open the NFT Mystery Boxes for fishing rods in the game to catch fish with different attributes. Players can catch fish and put in their ponds to get more $CTT mining output. At the same time, the game has a good token deflation mechanism and dividend model. Each fishing rod has its own durability, and each fish also has its own life cycle. If the player does not repair the fishing rod, it will be destroyed when the durability is 0.

NFTs for Launch

NFT Launch — How it works

  • Users are eligible for this purchase if they have staked in NFTb INO Tiered Model and meet the requirement for each access tier.
  • Users will need to connect their wallet that has staked in NFTb’s INO Tiered Model to access sales.
  • There are 3 tiers of NFTs sold all priced 1 BNB.
    Tier 1–75 American & 75 British
    Tier 2–65 American & 65 British
    Tier 3–60 American & 60 British
  • Each Tier 2 NFT sale is bundled with 12 $CTT tokens
  • Each Tier 3 NFT sale is bundled with 20 $CTT tokens
  • $CTT is priced at 12$ (12pm UTC & 27.10.2021)
  • There is no hard cap or buy limit for this sale

About CryptoTycoon

About NFTb



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CryptoTycoon #BSC

CryptoTycoon #BSC

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