Guidance on the LaunchPads(Ended)

For those who missed JulPad IDO, here are some good chances to buy $CTT early on [🍔BurgerSwap IFO] [⛑Helmet IIO] [⚡️MantraDAO IDO]

Below are the details of how to participate in CryptoTycoon (CTT):

*According to a chronological

**LaunchPads Ended

❗️❗️Note: After the CryptoTycoon IDO ends at 1:00 PM (UTC) on May 25, 202, we will open CTT-BNB pool on JulSwap, BurgerSwap, DODO, PancakeSwap. Liquidity funds will be added to the pools by CryptoTycoon simultaneously.

CTT contract address: 0x464863745ed3af8b9f8871f1082211c55f8f884d

Join us:



The #1 Monopoly game and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Website: TG:

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