Monopoly Tycoon Tax💱 dividend 0912

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2 min readSep 9, 2021

Dear builders👩‍🌾, after the official launch of “Monopoly Tycoon”, the in-game tax has reached a scale of ≈29,000 BUSD, and this amount is still growing. Therefore, CryptoTycoon plans to distribute the Tax Dividends to all unofficial $CTT holding addresses with CTT ≥ 10 on the chain at 15:00 on September 12 SGT timezone.

The BUSD dividend scale of each $CTT holders will be ranked according to the amount of $CTT held, and the dividend will be distributed within 30 minutes of the corresponding time period.

— Taking 12:32pm on September 10, 2021 as an example, there are 298 addresses on the chain with CTT ≥ 10. After deducting the official and contract holding addresses of the top 10 TOP, there are 288 addresses with a total of 37,133 CTT. If you happen to hold 100 CTT to be included in this ranking, then the dividend address at that time is 29000 BUSD / 37133 CTT * If you hold 100 CTT, you will get 78.09 BUSD.

In fact, due to the dividend snapshot time, it is very likely that the size of the dividend will reach 50,000 BUSD, and then you will likely get 390 BUSD or more, because as the “Monopoly Tycoon” game progresses, this amount will continue to increase.

This is the reward that CryptoTycoon gives to the CTT family❣️

Address snapshot time: 15:00, September 12, 2021 (SGT Timezone)
Dividend distribution time: within 30 minutes after the snapshot
Snapshot object: user addresses of unofficial, non-contract, and decentralized exchanges holding ≥ 10 $CTT
Snapshot reward: “Monopoly Tycoon” BUSD Tax pool

After the end of this round of dividends, the dividend pool will continue to accumulate. When it reaches a certain scale, another dividend announcement before the distribution will be announced again. As this time, thank you for your support.