Monopoly Tycoon temporary halt of operations Announcement

CryptoTycoon #BSC
2 min readMay 14, 2022

Dear CryptoTycoon players:

Thank you for your continued support and love for the Monopoly Tycoon under CryptoTycoon.

Due to CryptoTycoon’s strategic plan, we now officially announce that Monopoly Tycoon will halt mining output on May 17, 2022, and players will not be able to farm in the game at that time.

In line with the purpose of protecting users and the long-term development of the project. Here are the main factors affecting the temporary halt of Monopoly Tycoon operations.

Technology Development Factors

1, The mechanisms of Monopoly Tycoon and FishSwap are highly repetitive, and the CTT tokens are too much released and circulated if two games are launched simultaneously

2, It is necessary to readjust the mechanisms of the simultaneous existence of two games

3, Team needs to shift focus on the successful launch of FishSwap

Operation factors

1, According to the current mechanism of Monopoly Tycoon and FishSwap, if two games are launched at the same time, it will affect the healthy and sustainable development of the CTT ecology

Therefore, after careful consideration of long-term development, we decided to halt the operation of Monopoly Tycoon temporarily and give FishSwap a successful launch. In the meantime, we will adjust the mechanism of Monopoly Tycoon, and relaunch Monopoly Tycoon after FishSwap.

For the players already invested in Monopoly Tycoon, we have had a snapshot of your in-game asset holdings in our system background, we will send out corresponding value in-game items and a bonus package of FishSwap when it’s live.

The specific arrangements for the halt are as follows:

1, The official halt starts at 4am May 17, 2022

2, Servers down after the halt for update

3, A snapshot of all Monopoly Tycoon players has been taken, corresponding value items and a bonus package of FishSwap will be sent when the team launches FishSwap.

Team would like to thank all players for their support and understanding! We will meet FishSwap soon❤️.