NFTb Labs announces investment in CryptoTycoon

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3 min readNov 10, 2021

CryptoTycoon is pleased to announce that NFTb Labs, the investment-arm for the platform’s NFT and DeFi platform, has invested in the light gaming platform CryptoTycoon based on the Binance Smart Chain.

CryptoTycoon represents a direction of entertainment, that is, the emergence of more GameFi, which allows crypto users to participate in various types of light games in their leisure time. Its characteristics are: low barriers for player participation, shorter loading, easy to play, and product diversity.

As part of the investment, games built on the CryptoTycoon platform will integrate the NFTB Token. “Both NFTb and CryptoTycoon share the vision of building user-centric experiences” said Tommy, COO of NFTb.

CryptoTycoon is a long established crypto game studio located in Hong Kong. It is backed by investment groups such as A195 Capital, 4SV and T3E from Singapore. CryptoDiffer, one of the largest crypto communities in the world, also participated in the support of CryptoTycoon as well.

CryptoTycoon has been in the Binance Smart Chain since the birth of it, and continues to update and iterate its light game products. CryptoTycoon previously cooperated with Binance Smart Chain to launch Soccer Kitty for the European Cup and Olympic football games, and became the largest Binance Smart Chain sports peripheral game at that time.

Recently, CryptoTycoon conducted an INO in NFTb. The fund from the INO will be used on the development of NFT-attributed games; the revenue will also be included in the vault which will buy back $CTT in batches from the secondary market and send to the official blackhole address. These buyback records and Txn Hash are also regularly published by CryptoTycoon.

About NFTb

NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.

NFTb offers a premium NFT marketplace where users can access buyers from anywhere around the world and multi-chains, a DeFi platform giving users access to yield farming opportunities and a launchpad created to help creators and projects to build early support.

NFTb is backed by the Binance Accelerator Fund, Rarestone Capital and Spark Digital Capital.

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About CryptoTycoon

CryptoTycoon is a light DeFi gaming platform based on BSC (Binance smart chain). The team members are all from Tencent Interactive Entertainment. Up to now, CryptoTycoon has launched or will release many DeFi light games such as Soccer Kitty, Monopoly Tycoon, FishSwap, NFTSwap, etc. Players can use BNB and BUSD to experience the fun game platform.

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