Soccer Kitty NFT distribution

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2 min readJul 22, 2021

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With the Tokyo Olympics starting, the periodic activities of Soccer Kitty have also been updated. In the last activity of the Euro Cup, a total of 1920 addresses participated in our game on Soccer Kitty. After removing duplicate addresses and effective filters, there are 612 real users who join on Soccer Kitty.

They have participated in this during the Eurocup single or multiple times, which allow them to earn $BNB and gain the prize of NFT in the meanwhile.

Right now, we are honored to announce that the 612 participants who joined Soccer Kitty will gradually receive the souvenir of Soccer Kitty NFT in the next 7 days. There will be no additional issue of these Soccer Kitty NFT, the participants can decide to sell these NFTs on other platforms on their own.

In the meanwhile, CryptoTycoon recently have carried out a new round of activity, cooperated with DEGO Finance and Treasureland. These activities will embrace the 2021 Olympics game to expand.Soccer Kitty will continue to maintain the low barrier to participants who stay on Binance Smart chain.

Recently, CryptoTycoon has opened its main product “Monopoly” to CM (volunteers) around the world to collect advice. It is expected that we will announce the specific release time of “Monopoly” very soon.

In addition, some random easter eggs have been designed in “Monopoly”, which allows you to trigger the mechanism to gain $BNB while playing the game. The consumer side of this game will operate through $BUSD, which helps players to get better calculation of construction and output ratio.

Finally, thank you all for long-term support and companionship. The team of CryptoTycoon is, as always, moving towards what it has promised.

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