The official version v1.0.1 of Monopoly Tycoon is finally released ❣

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7 min readSep 9, 2021

After 3 months of development and testing, CryptoTycoon’s second but most major light game “Monopoly Tycoon” is officially launched.

In the public test, there were a total of 7,216 player addresses carried out with the on-chain BUSD transfer interaction with the game contract. 13,921 addresses were authorized for the contract.

Most importantly, Monopoly Tycoon has passed the audit review and safe to go LIVE.

What is Monopoly Tycoon?

Monopoly Tycoon is a monopoly game built on CryptoTycoon. To participate in-game mining, players can spend BNB, BUSD, USDT and other BSC tokens in the game to get a chance to roll the dice and build different types of buildings on different grids. In order to ensure the game has a good deflation and dividend model, once a house or shop is constructed and cannot pay taxes on time, it will be removed.

A tax pool is set in place to distribute $CTT rewards to all holders. On the other hand, 50% of the in-game revenue will be used to buy back $CTT tokens and burn directly!

Why go live so late?

To be honest, it is not easy to develope a blockchain light game, which protects the safty of player’s asset and find the best UI display which fit in the interest of our players. Compared with the other mining projects on the market, devs can directly fork the code and then layer the UI. Doing original work may not be suitable for the current rhythm. In the past development of Monopoly Tycoon, new bugs/problems keep coming up, but fortunately, as time goes by, the bugs/problems have been solved, which cannot be separated from the support of the you.

“Monopoly” version 1.0.1 can be used on PC, access and play through Chrome (Google browser) and MetaMask Wallet. In version 1.5, which will be launched in late September, mobile terminal adaptation and ranking will be supported.

What do you need?

1️⃣. Use any browser that supports Metamask

2️⃣. Go to to download and install MetaMask wallet

3️⃣. Switch MetaMask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network (dont’ know how? click here)

4️⃣. Prepare the corresponding BUSD (for game play), BNB (for gas fee)

Official Link:

Enter the game through a PC browser:

🎮Game Guide

After entering the official game website, it will preload first, and then direct to the login page. (If you have participated in the beta test version before, there may be a cache. It is recommended to perform a forced refresh until the login page displays the words V:1.0.1, indicating that the cache refresh is successful).

Click next and connect.

Enter the game:
When you enter the game for the first time, you will see a map composed of 36 grids. Players can pass by or stay in the grids. When the player stays at a certain building grid, they can purchase grid buildings, and next time they come to this grid, right Buildings are upgraded, and in addition to the building grid, the game also has 4 grids for random event grids for event triggering.

🎲Dice Shop:
If the player wants to move forward, they need to click on the “SHOP” store in the upper right corner, and then exchange BUSD and CTT for dice. In the official version, these dice and dice sets are marked with the same price as the previous manual, so It is recommended to prepare at least 15 BUSD and start playing.
The blue ones are ordinary dice, which can be randomly set; the purple ones are lucky dice, which can be set to be set; the golden ones are golden dice, which can be set by specifying the number of steps to be shaken and are not open for exchange; the red ones are blind boxes, which can be opened with a small probability Out of the golden dice.

Use the 🎲dice:
Click “Roll” on the main interface to make the cat move. When the cat stands in the building grid, it can be purchased or upgraded with BUSD, and if it stands in the random event grid, it will trigger a random event.

Build and upgrade✅ (computing power):
When the cat moves to a building grid, an introduction to the building will pop up, as well as a BUSD button to buy or upgrade the house. Players can decide whether to build, upgrade or cancel with BUSD.

Building category:

· House [Ordinary] (22 grids): General mining, less tax
· Shop [Rare] (6 grids): Mining is faster and tax is higher
· Bank [Epic] (3 grids): mining is super fast and tax is very high
· Govern [Legend] (1 grid): Faster mining and less tax
(The highest level is three)
When the player finishes building the house, after an hour, a red dot will appear in the upper left corner of the house, which means that the player is prompted to view the CTT output of the house and can harvest CTT.

Players can also use the RevenueAII function to complete all the harvest output with one click.

Housing tax (renewing housing computing power):
After the house is built and CTT output starts, the player can go to the “Pay Taxes” in the main interface, which is located on the right side of the bulletin board. This function allows the player to check the remaining effective time of the house built in real time.

And these BUSD tax paid by players will eventually flow into the tax pool, and the official will regularly distribute the BUSD in the pool to the real CTT holders on the chain. (These data will be updated regularly)

Viewing personal information:
On the top menu bar of the main interface, you can see the amount of your own encrypted assets and the number of houses you hold. This information will facilitate the player to configure and count all his game related records.

Random events grid(Lottery):
There are 5 kinds of random events in total, and each event has a probability of 20%.
1️⃣Random upgrade: houses that have been built will be randomly upgraded by 1 level;
2️⃣Random downgrade: houses that have been built will be randomly downgraded by 1 level;
3️⃣Designated remote upgrade: If the player designate a house, the player can pay BNB or CTT to upgrade the house;
4️⃣Lady Luck: Get a free roll;
5️⃣God of Wealth: Give a certain amount of BNB or CTT to the player.

Production reduction mechanism:
Through building and upgrading, the CTT output by the player is not fixed. The output situation will fluctuate with the market price of CTT every day, so it is a dynamic output (more stable and calculable), and when CTT is in When the circulation on the market is greater than a certain percentage, the default hourly mining output of all houses will be halved accordingly, until the hourly output relative to the original output ratio is infinitely close to 0.
However, because of the dynamic output mechanism, at least in the foreseeable future, it is difficult for players to finish building houses and lose money.

$CTT Repo mechanism:
CryptoTycoon officials have stated many times that 50% of the income from all its games, NFT distribution, etc. will be recovered from the market in batches, and has done so more than once in the past. Therefore, after the launch of “Monopoly Tycoon”, This mechanism will always be implemented.
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