Today, we officially completed the deployment of the CTT staking function. It is an important part of the road-map in October.

Here, let me demonstrate how to use the staking with better experience.

In this round of staking, “CTT Long-Term Pool” is the first to launch which is a longer…

After 3 months of development and testing, CryptoTycoon’s second but most major light game “Monopoly Tycoon” is officially launched.

In the public test, there were a total of 7,216 player addresses carried out with the on-chain BUSD transfer interaction with the game contract. 13,921 addresses were authorized for the contract.

CryptoTycoon is excited to have new partnership with Babyswap

Babyswap is the next Defi star on BSC with high improvement on MVBIII. We are going to cooperate in LP staking, Play & Earn, online gaming etc.

About Babyswap

BabySwap is the best AMM+NFT decentralized exchange for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more friendly trading experience and…

Dear builders👩‍🌾, after the official launch of “Monopoly Tycoon”, the in-game tax has reached a scale of ≈29,000 BUSD, and this amount is still growing. …

CCtip has entered into a strategic partnership with CryptoTycoon
The two sides will cooperate in community construction, brand promotion, and lego product combination to promote the prosperity and development of both communities.

At that time, CCTip will collect $CTT assets and launch AMA, CryptoTycoon will also issue massive airdrops to…

Dear communities, partners and players:

With the development and debug testing in 2 month, the CryptoTycoon’s second blockchain game, “Monopoly Tycoon’’, will officially launch the final stage before the full operation, the open-beta version without archive!

In this stage, players can spend a small amount of $BUSD and $BNB to…

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With the arrival of August, CryptoTycoon is actively cooperating with other valuable projects on BSC. On August 6th, CryptoTycoon❌CoPuppy officially announced that they will support each other for both of their products and communities after this cooperation.

CoPuppy is…

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On August 2nd, the NFT game of CryptoTycoon, Fishswap officially completed the NFT presale on the Treasureland platform with its game props: the SSR legendary fishing rods and SR precious rods. The total revenue is 97.15 …

We are finally ready for the launch of the FishSwap NFTs !! 🥳

So what are FishSwap NFTs and what can they do

1) Fishing rods NFTs are based on the BEP-721 NFT mechanism designed by CryptoTycoon (SSR & SR Launch)

2) Players can use Legendary Rod (SSR) & Precious…

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With the Tokyo Olympics starting, the periodic activities of Soccer Kitty have also been updated. In the last activity of the Euro Cup, a total of 1920 addresses participated in our game on Soccer Kitty. …

CryptoTycoon #BSC

The #1 Monopoly game and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Website: TG:

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